September 7, 2008

What a snooze...

The other day I wrote a long and boring post about all of the things I need to get done around the house.  Everyone is glad I didn't post it, trust me. 

Slowly things are coming together. We posted a "free!" ad for Casey's bed on Craigslist yesterday, and got a really quick response. We wound up taking it to her since I have a truck, and Casey didn't want to try and secure a queen sized mattress and box-spring to a Volkswagon Golf. She was extremely nice though, gave me gas money and a small photo she and her husband took (they are photographers). While Casey untied, she and I talked about how our mothers are afraid of Craigslist interactions. There is some justification, but as she said, "Some times people are moving and in a hurry to get rid of something that they don't have time to sell." Casey helped her move it into the house, and once we got in the car he said, "That interaction is why Austin is great," and I knew what he meant. 
We came home and hung some pictures, I started another Goodwill box (so far I've filled the back of my truck once and dropped it off), and moved the piano. I'd say we're halfway through moving in. It's been two weeks!
I'm trying to think of a nice way to cover the light switches, and I was thinking of using some of Casey's photos. Is that a stupid idea?
So far Casey's added a shelf in the kitchen - MUCH NEEDED! and I have filled little holes with "salt putty" which is actually a non-Newtonian fluid, and it doesn't stay unless you put it in just right. Once we're done getting settled, I'll go back and repaint those surfaces.
And finally, Emma has had a funny bump on her tummy for a long time, and she CONSTANTLY messes with it. At first I thought it was a tick, but now I don't, so I finally followed a friend's suggestion and tied a thread around it very tight so that it will fall off (sort of like how bulls are castrated - look that one up). It felt awful to do it, but she didn't seem to mind much. 
So, I am boring right now. I am happy, new place, new job starts soon. If getting into the attic is an adventure I'll tell you about it. I need to, but I can't find a ladder or anything tall enough to crawl on. 

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Ellie said...

My mom won't do anything on Craigslist either, which I think is more or less silly. But she also won't keep her financial information on the computer that has an internet connection-- just in case, I don't know, those wily hackers send their little nano-bots down the tubes into her machine, where they will fan out to seek her credit card numbers? Her world is fraught with this sort of danger.