August 15, 2008


Today! Portraiture! I love animals as saints, or generals, or businessman, whatever. I LOVE IT! There is a rather large part of me that wants to get a whole bunch of them (I just might one of these days) and hang them in a place of honor as if they are family portraits. In gold and gaudy frames.

So, today's seller is berkleyillustration! (All images are his, and clicking on them will take you to his store) His selection is not limited to what I have posted here. Many I have found since I've started the post I like even better, but for time's sake, I will not change this post now. Beautiful and brilliantly funny stuff.

I admit, I generally prefer paintings of this nature, and he has some, but these illustrations are too good to pass up over that one preference. My favorite is the Mama duck and ducklings set. Honest, there is a portrait set of
my dad just like the one of the ducklings, only he is in all three photos.

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