August 11, 2008


Today it is cloudy, and almost cool. It is currently only 92 degrees. Honestly, I believe it was 106 degrees yesterday. Despite that, today I'm a little blue. I don't want to be at work, I wish my weekend down in the gulf with my family had been longer. For some reason we're listening to an eighties station at work right now, and though I generally like that over the other shit (Not just a casual reference, folks. I would have put some emphasis on that expletive had I spoken it.) they choose. The Cure came on, though. The Cure makes me think of Jennifer. The Cure makes me sad.

I am going jogging with my neighbor. I hope it helps cheer me up, though chances are it'll just put me to sleep. Funny how we're always told not to exercise before bedtime. Exercise makes anytime bedtime for me. It uses any energy stores I have and throws them into the wind.

Oh, 5:30, hurry. Hurry, fast. Before I wind up using my serrated letter opener to injure myself, thus lessening the monotony of my day.

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