August 18, 2008

Casey and I are moving in together as soon as possible.

It shouldn't be this hard to get someone to take over my lease.

Why now? Why the hurry?
His roommate is moving out. I have to move Faux Pas to a new property THIS WEEK (I found out Thursday), and it'll cost more.

But, on a cheery note, Casey and I got a free piano yesterday. It's in decent condition, but we have TLC to offer it.

It started raining last night. I was at a friend's house and stepped on to her back porch to smoke. It was dark, so when I first heard the sound of water I thought sprinklers were going off, but I couldn't see where. Then I looked up to see it falling from the eaves, and after a second I figured it out.
I know - it sounds idiotic - but it has been so long since it has just rained. Not a huge powerful fast storm, but just slow and steady rain. It is still raining. Awesome!

Now, off to work!

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