August 5, 2008

Imaginative Etsy

My favorite Etsy find today (so far) is doodlebug finery: "luxury for little ones." What is it I love about the shop?
Play food! When I was a kid I loved my fake plastic food, but this takes the cake (har-har). From the photos I can see some meticulous work. Like the potato chips? If I were to try and emulate ridges like that I'd wind up with something that looks like a topographical map. If If this Etsy shop is still open once I have kids, you can bet I'll have some of the tasty toys mailed to me ASAP. In the mean time, I am adding the seller to my favorites so that I don't forget these AWESOME things when I need to buy Christmas and birthday presents for my niece and nephew, Mallory and Noah.
And Honestly, most of the other stuff is neat, too. Especially the custom sock dog. What can I say? I am partial to toys.


Lauren said...

I tried to make you a sock dog once. I still have it half way done. You wanna take over? It is a pink and green argyle sock. It is kinda cute.

doodlebugfinery said...

Thank you for your awesomely kind words about my wares! I hope my little shop is still open when you have kids too!