July 20, 2008

Well... eh

 Well, it wasn't quite a dream vacation. Dinner Friday went horribly. The waitress was a TOTAL BITCH right off of the bat. She bitched at us over several things that she really needed to discuss with the hostess - not us, then she spilled cocktail sauce on my brother-in-law, and rolled her eyes at him when he asked for more, and there were FLIES everywhere in the restaurant. Then Noah had an explosive (literally) diaper, and my sister had to go out to the car to strip him and try and clean him up. Then, just about the time she thought it was almost over - he stood up in the back of the SUV and peed. By the time that happened, the whole family had made it out to the parking lot. For the most part they were giggling at Mallory, who was being her cute 7 week old self, but since my big sis had her back to them, trying to deal with Noah, she thought that everyone was laughing at her predicament, and began to cry. The night just dissolved into a mist of unpleasantness. Poor Brooke is SO tired, Mallory sleeps for 3 hours max at night right now, and she was too distraught to consider that all of the adults standing behind her had all had small children to deal with at some point. Blegh. The next day was better, and we stayed home for dinner.

 My extended family can be a little taxing, and sharing a small condo with five adults and two babies can be rough. I had a TON of fun, but I wish I had just one more day off before I return to work. Bummer.
 I made it back to town today around 1:30, Casey and I went out to eat with our friend TJ for his birthday, and had some margaritas, then we went to see The Dark Night, which I REALLY enjoyed. However, Casey had to pee through about 2/3 of the movie, but didn't want to miss anything, and had a massive headache from the drinks. So he says he'll have to see it again.  He went to bed to try and get rid of the headache, I am about to follow him. 
 I am not looking forward to work tomorrow, just because it is work.

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