July 21, 2008

Too Much to Ask, I Know.

 I want to work for a company that has a clear and accountable line of command, where management will approach an employee about a problem, regardless of its nature, before it is out of hand.
 I like being able to figure things out, but if I am expected to figure out how to do something with little to no training, please understand that I am not perfect and may have made a mistake. I expect a reasonable approach to addressing that mistake and will do all in my power to fix it. Clear, thorough training is appreciated, and once I know how to do something, I promise do to it well and will do my best to exceed expectations. I will work hard for my employer's respect, and expect reasonable compensation for my hard work. 
 I want to work in an environment where I can use all that I have learned, not only in my studies, but also from previous work experience, and have the opportunity to learn new skills to apply in other areas of my life.
 This company will be one that offers room for advancement, as well as an opportunity (as cliche as the idea sounds) to work as part of a team. For me, this is defined as a group of people I will respect and feel comfortable going to for ideas, advice, and assistance when it is needed.

 The last time I had anything close to this I was waiting tables. I find that very disappointing and hope that future experience proves that I do not have to wear an apron to enjoy my coworkers and responsibilities. Wish me luck.


Ted Tullos said...


love you dear :-)

Corley said...

Hey Dad, you think that I haven't been listening all of these years, but I KNOW. I think I even still have the e-mail you originally sent me, YEARS ago, with that link in it. I look, I swear. I look there, I check City of Austin, I check Craigslist, I check Monster - I check and check and check. I might have found something, but I don't want to even talk about it yet. Plus, I know at least one co-worker occasionally reads.

Ted Tullos said...

No honey, its cause I am old and repeat myself! Good luck finding something new - you sound like you are ready for a new challenge.