May 3, 2008

This morning I caught up on Madge before I left for work, and it left me with a craving for coffee and bagels. Which morphed into a craving for coffee and a fruit and cheese plate from Starbuck's. It was 7:30 in the morning. Apparently too early for me to make decisions. I got to Starbucks, and while trying to figure out which of the 6 PLAIN 'OLE COFFEE kind of coffee I would choose, the over-caffeinated cashier jumped on me, and I choked. I said, "...Tall Chai, and....a blueberry muffin." Why? I went with what was comfortable, and the first food item I saw. Neither of which I really WANTED. Damn!

Madge also wrote about running. My dad and sister are both runners. I have acquired plans for how a non-runner should start out. There is a part of me that would really love to give it a try, but I am pretty sure it is impossible. That is backed up by the fact that all strenuous activity makes me want to smoke a cigarette. I am one of those ass-holes who smokes while they ride their bike. I can't help how I am programed, but until they make an arm band for my pack and a lighter like they do for iPods, I am out. Plus, my thighs rub, and running makes my legs itch. have you ever noticed, though, that once a kid learns to walk, they run everywhere? Is it just SO liberating to be able to go wherever you want, finally? when and why does this stop? Is it because parents are always yelling, "Stop! Get back here! Don't run, you'll hurt yourself!"

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