May 1, 2008


 This weekend's assignment: pour boiling water onto each and every fire ant mound. TWICE. I am really tired of being stung. My poor, poor feet! So I am going to eliminate them! I am also pretty sure that the whole trash can has become inhabited by a colony. That I can do little about, save letting the trash collectors deal with it tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, please.


Sam said...

We've been having similar problems at our place. God speed!

Ellie said...

Funny, I just heard about pouring boiling water on ants yesterday for the first time, and now it seems everybody is doing it! We thought we had Carpenter Ants but it turns out they are Acrobat Ants, and we feel sort of bad killing critters called Acrobat Ants. But I guess we're going to do it anyway.

Lauren said...

The fire ants are horrendous this year.