May 6, 2008

I need to lose about 25 lbs to feel good about myself. I wish that I could do that before wedding season started, that way I would look good in all of the pictures that will be taken at all of the weddings I have to attend. However, weddings season starts on Saturday for me, so no such luck unless I remove the pounds of flesh (and fat) Shakespeare style. Hooray! for control top pantyhose that will disguise 10 of those pounds for me.

I was lazy and didn't have an ant boil this weekend. Monday Emma pooped on a mound of me. She'll do anything for her Momma. Including patiently put up with a super long walk because her Momma needs to lose 25 lbs to feel good about herself. Today we walked about 4 miles. It amazes me that she can pull for four miles. She'll stop when I ask, but as soon as the request has been finished she goes right back to pulling. I'll have to bust out her harness next time so that she doesn't foam at the mouth like she did tonight.

As always, I could use a nap. 


Sam said...

If it makes you feel any better we can wait until August to buy your dress for my animals.

Corley said...

Honestly, this is part of the reason I haven't purchased the dress yet, but what do the animals have to do with it?