March 4, 2008

A horrendous long day..

 I've got a new position at work, and with that comes a new, very tiny, cubicle. To make things worse, one of my neighbors snorts snot down her throat every 20 seconds or so. When she's not doing that she's hocking it back up, complaining, grunting, moaning, or huffing and puffing her way around the office. I always know where she is because I can hear her. This wouldn't be such an ENORMOUS problem if I could put on my headphones like I always did before when I sat near the second most annoying person at work, but this particular computer has no internet

I am going to vomit myself do death - I am so grossed out by the constant rumble of bodily functions coming from this woman!

So I worked 12 hours today and accomplished a whole lot of nothing. I left tired and grumpy, but went by Casey's because he said he had a surprise for me. The Princess Bride on DVD!? Yay! I lost my original copy "in the fire" when Gabe and I broke up! I was just saying the other day how much I wanted to watch it, and now I can! I left his house pretty quick, but before I did I grabbed the last Sofia Mini left over from New Year's Eve, and shoved it in my purse to drink when I reached the end of what seemed to be the very long block that separates our homes. I checked the mail as I headed up stairs because there had been none yet at lunch and what did I find but a Sofia Mini post card from Madge! Oh Happy Day! Suddenly the sounds of the woman at work trying to clear her sinuses have stopped ringing in my ears!

But suddenly I hear the sound of dripping, and this may all go down hill pretty quick!

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