March 4, 2008

Too Much Stuff!

I have way too much stuff! Some of it I will not get rid of, but the stuff I want / need to get rid of is in bold:

Books - I have four book shelves worth, and they are all over flowing. Oh my God, I love books!I just don't know that I have any right now that I can get rid of.

Plants - I'm running out of room out in front of my apartment, but damn they make me happy!

Clothes - No one needs the number of oversized t-shirts and old work uniform shirts I have. If you work at Threadgill's or Baris give me a call, I have some shirts you may want. Also? I will never fit back into som eof the other things I keep around, and it's getting pretty obvious I won't fix the stuff I have set aside to repair.

Shoes - most of mine aren't even cute.

Computer Stuff - I have more random chords and crap than any one person needs. And now I have a whole desktop computer to get rid of, too, since I have my iMac.

Religious Art - where can I put it all? Right now it just doesn't go with my space.

Dog Hair and Carpet Stains - You want them? I'm giving them away free!

Some QVC cleaning product looks amazing right now! If I could read the TV screen from here I might just buy some.


Lauren said...

It is always a bad idea to get rid of cords. You always need them the next day.

sans_sanity said...

AMEN to that Lauren.

Corley said...

I should have known you guys would be against me. Fine then, Casey, some and get these f-ing chords and they can take up space at your house, cause I'm getting rid of 'em.