March 5, 2008

My Favorite Things:

-The curls along Casey's hairline at the nape of his neck, his back, his eyes, the way he inevitably ruins "the moment" and the voice he uses to impersonate me.

-Emma's jowls, the "Disapproving Emma" look, the way she tucks her butt when she runs, and they way she cuddles just to humor me. (I know it's the truth, Emma. I just know.)

-Faux Pas's muzzle, his eyes, his horsey smell, the way he tries to act emo but isn't so good at it, and the way he wraps his neck around me to hug me back when I wrap my arms around his neck and cry.

-In life, in general, I like waking up to bright sun through my window and doves cooing outside of it. I like the smell of books and limes, and I like watching plants grow. I like hammocks, especially this time of year when the branches above them are bare and I can see the sky. I like sleeping: in my bright bedroom morning, noon, or night. I like sleeping in that hammock. I like sleeping on the couch, or in a shady spot under a tree. I like the color yellow. I like singing when there is no one to hear me but Emma or Faux.

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