January 7, 2008


 I had no idea, early Saturday morning, that what I was saying would come true. By two 2 pm Saturday afternoon I was 75% on my way to being sick as a dog, which is where I've been ever since. 

Today when I went to see my Nurse Practitioner the appointment went like this:
NP: So, what's going on?
C: My throat hurts so much  can hardly turn my head, and my head hurts but that might be because I haven't been smoking or drinking any caffeine...
NP: Things just keep getting worse and worse, huh?
C: Well, I was thinking that this might be a great opportunity to tag one or two more resolutions onto 2008.
She is starting to look in my ears has me open my mouth, starts to turn away and does a double take 
NP: That left tonsil is gross!
She does a swab and says she be right back with results. Some time passes before she comes back.
NP: Well, it isn't strep, and it isn't the flu.
C: I knew it! It's the plague!
NP: Yes, and sadly we have no cure. You know, these things usually last 3 or 4 days. Can you swallow pills right now? (Rx for Vicodin) This should help with your throat. If you don't start feeling better tomorrow go fill this (Rx antibiotic). Here's a note for work, and I am going to do one more swab, sorry! to send off in case I missed something. We'll call you with the results. 

So that is where I am now. I've been spending my time in and out of chills and soaking sweats. I have eaten three meals since I got sick, including Dinner Saturday, and the soup I am eating right now. At least now I am sort of hungry. I am hoping that Mother's Cafe has some sort of creamy or cheesy soup tonight. I am getting bored with vegetable and lentil soup. Before I got sick I was eating a lot of soup, big mistake on my part. And now I am left to consider Salt water gargle or Hydrogen peroxide+water? So many choices!


Lauren said...

Salt Water! I'm a huge fan of salt water.

Madge said...

I too like the salt water...it's very healing.

Anonymous said...

No question, salt water. It keeps the swelling down. Get better soon!