January 25, 2008

I'd like to add "riotous" to my list of favorite words.

And then I have some theoretical questions I'd like to have answered:

Is a person allowed to call in to work when they lose a pet?

Why is it that so many men are interested in morning sex? The last thing I want upon waking is to have someone touch me and experience my morning breath. I have riotous morning breath!

What happens to those crushes that develop that never get to go anywhere? I haven't run into any of these people yet.

Am I m bad person for thoroughly disliking someone, or am I still a good person for at least being honest about it? I am at least cordial to these people, does that count?

Get back to me, please.


Anonymous said...

Loss of pet: Yes. But depending on work env., said person might also pretend to be 'sick.'
Morning sex: YES, WHAT THE HELL! I think they just wake up, you know, in a particular physical state, and then there's this live human female and they're like, why waste it. But god dammit. No.
Call me. E

Madge said...

Oh, if my pets went to the other side, I would need leave for a week.