January 24, 2008

"I hate everythings" creeping up again.

 I am at work. Normally I do not post at work, but the receptionist I have been covering for just came in, and I know we were all holding our breath to find out about her health.

 And the news we've all been waiting for? She will know if/when she can come back to work in 2 weeks. This is basically what we heard three weeks ago.
 She came in and wandered around the office in her breathy way telling everyone about the emergency surgery on New Years Eve. It was EMERGENCY surgery. She's never had diverticulitis before. And then there was the INFECTION.

 Fuck that. I'll just go to hell. I will not pretend to be interested or concerned. Which is a bigger sin: Lack of compassion, or lying? I think lying. Guess who's not as big of a sinner as you thought!

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Madge said...

I lie all the time.
It's a really horrible habit.