January 23, 2008

I love my place, but...

 Don't I deserve a couple of days, how about four, where there is nothing wrong? No dripping toilet, no gas leak, no broken heater/AC, no broken and incessantly beeping front gate, no flies.

 There is something wrong with our boiler and it has been a week since I have had an enjoyable hot shower. I had one hot shower at Casey's but the water pressure is low, and I showed up quickly and didn't turn on the heater. In those circumstances I could've bathed in boiling water without feeling warm.

 I live for hot showers. They are what get me up in the morning and out of the door, and right now I don't even have water hot enough to get my face clean.
 I know that there is SOME hot water at different times of day, I'm going to try and shower at lunch. YUCK! I have to go half the day with dirty hair. To me there is nothing worse!

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