January 19, 2008

The Cloverfeild Monster looks like my dog.

Before you go see Cloverfield (I suggest you do, it is a fun movie. Be warned if you are easily made dizzy.) do some digging around the Internet to get a feel for all that is going on. There is much more to the film's story line than what is actually in the film. Look around, and go see it. There is one clear shot of the monster's face. Casey and I went with our neighbors, and one leaned to me when we saw the monster and said, "That looks like Emma!" Then the monster ate someone. Now I know how flies feel when Emma eats them. I need to find a photo of Emma and one of the monster that proves his case.

Also, go see I Am Legend. I forgot to write about back when I saw it. It is good.

Oh, and flies! I had some mutant flies try and take over my apartment. I don't know how they got there or why, but I am glad they are gone now. One night we destroyed 14 of them. Ask Lauren, she knows.

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Lauren said...

That is for real. They weren't any old house flies either. They were huge horse flies.