April 7, 2007

I look forward to...

... not working weekends so that I can sit in a comfy chair and skim the paper (probably online - it wastes less paper) while drinking my morning cup of tea and listening to weekend public radio.

I do not currently have a "morning cup" because I am always rushing off - and who has time to make sure they're not over-steeping their green tea (over-steeping = bitter!) when trying to brush teeth, shower, dress, and leave the house in a ten minute window (that is quickly closing)?

I don't know that I will ever REALLY make it into that chair, but I sure hope I find something similar.


Madge said...

You will get into that chair with your green tea.
Chairs are beautiful places.
In your childhood, did you ever read ?

Corley said...

Technically, I never read that one, but I did see it on Reading Rainbow; I had forgotten about it. When the page loaded I clasped my hand to my chest and gasped, "Oh!" In that un-prepared for nostalga kind of way. Thank you!