March 5, 2006

Meeting People: Catch Up

I never wrote about Mr. New Orleans. He was one off the guys I met via the personal ad. He was 40, but I gave it a chance, because this is time for me to see what's out there, right? We met at the Continental Club on a Sunday night for drinks. There was live music, and it was nice. We talked about moving around, food industry stuff, and life in general. Finally on drink three I am dying for a cigarette, and we both go outside. He is a non-smoker though, so I am surprised when he asks to see my lighter so that he can light a joint there, behind the club, which faces a street with people on it. Honestly, marijuana doesn't bother me. Smoking it in a very public place does. ESPECIALLY when I'm not even given the courtesy of a check to make sure it's cool. So much for that one. It was a little weird to hang out like that with someone only slightly younger than my father.

Mr. M is the guy I went out with on Thursday. He is very attractive, very funny, nice and well traveled. We talked for a bit after Lauren and Kyle left, but there was no spark. I didn't feel like we could have gone on talking for hours and hours. So I guess I had nothing to feel bad about.


emily said...

I, residing in relationshipville, am jealous of all the new people you're getting to meet. It seems like when I'm single I never take advantage of it.

corley said...

I have a feeling it's about to end..

FRITZ said...

Yeah for smoking!
Boo for pot in public!

Boo for being forty and still smoking pot!

Madge said...

Wow. Minis, minis everywhere...they are cute + tasty.