March 8, 2006


Whitney and I went out to eat after work today and, before we went to stop and see Mr. Adventure at work, we stopped to get gas. She was talking on the phone while she started to fill up her tank and then said, "Oh, shit! I guess I should turn off my engine while I do this. Does that parannoy you?"

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FRITZ said...

I don't know if she meant this on purpose or not, but it's brilliant.
See, I am one of those paranoid people. Everything worries me. Leaving the car on while pumping gas (which Michael does all the time) REALLY makes me nervous. He does it just to bug me.

So I'm annoyed with him and paranoid we're all gonna get blown sky-high.
So, it totally parannoys me.

Go, friend! Go, Corley! AWESOME new word. I'm stealing it.