February 9, 2006

Well, no riding this morning. I can only force myself awake so early. My limit is currently 7:30 am. I am hoping for tonight. I have already let my Trudy's friends know that I will not be there.

I have a bone to pick with whomever is calling the celestial shots. The past 12 months have been pretty rough for me. Anyone who reads this will back me up. Let's have a list for proof, shall we?

Sara's migraines
Jennifer's cancer and subsequent death
Janet's sudden death
Breaking up with Ex #1
Pa's sickness and subsequent death
Sara's migraines

Now: Poppy, my maternal grandfather, was picked up by EMS last night after showing extreme symptoms of heart failure. He's doing fine right now, in ICU, but it came on suddenly and out of the blue after 12 years of perfect heart health.

I think I've had enough for one year. Please, give me a break so I can get my shit together before it all falls apart again.


Sara T. said...

dude sorry for being part of bad things that have happened...
damn chronic headache with acute migranes.

Madge said...

thinking of you...