February 9, 2006

Wednesday, at the CRACK of dawn I headed out to the horse farm to meet the farrier so that Faux Pas could get new shoes. All day I thought about riding. I was excited because I haven't been able to since he got here, and that's really all I want to do. I mean what good is cleaning out stalls when there is no reward? So I rush home after work, catch up on a couple of required projects and drive out. Saddle and tack in my truck, ready to go. I'm planning patterns, and figuring out how we'll explore the new arena first so as not to spook at a strange barrel or tree branch. I get out there at 7:45 pm and there is a horse turned out in the arena. I don't know whose it is, or where it belongs, and I can't ride while it is in there. So I decided to sulk a little. Faux Pas wound up having to work, he went on a lunge line instead, but I didn't have to work very hard. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to ride. I'm planning on being up extra early. Again.

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cowboy said...

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