February 21, 2006

Not So Late, Not Really Adventures

Good all the same.

I am tired now. I think that it's funny that I can have a great night, and then realize that not much happened. At least not anything the rest of you might find exciting or amusing. So let me just tell you a few things about Mr. Adventure:

I gave him the address to eleventoseven, and he reads it! Tonight I was asked two questions: "Why did you call me Mr. Adventure?" and "What ever happened with Mr. Ambitious?"

He has fabulous eyes.

When he's trying to explain something to me, that I probably don't understand, he tugs at his hair as if it will help the thought surface more quickly. I like this and the mad scientist look it gives him.

I should have let him walk me all of the way to the car, but again, he was not wearing shoes and I don't want him to feel any worse than he already does.

Hopefully we both recover from whatever it is that is ailing us soon.

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