February 22, 2006

Just one of those days..

I've been fighting illness for a couple of days, but yesterday it was clear to me that something better needed to be done, so I made an appointment for today at 11, thinking traffic would be over and it would be late enough to wake up on time.

My lack of will power and complete excitement at having someone new to spend some time enjoying encouraged me to go out last night. I didn't do anything tiring, nor did I stay out too late, but I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd slept on a cement slab (though I had some good dreams). I couldn't convince myself to roll over and get up so I stayed put long past the time I should have and was then rushed to feed Faux Pas and get to the doctor's office. Which is across town in South Austin.

I made it on time, and then slept for a while, waiting for the doctor to appear. She prescribed cough syrup. I could have called her for that.

I tried to come home and sleep again, but the neighbors were doing something loud, and I didn't feel like getting up to close my bedroom window.

I went to work in a funk and discouraging comments from friends brought me down. The seven hours I spent at work were some of the longest hours I've ever lost.

I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.

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