February 19, 2006

Late Night Adventures

Let's do this time-line style!

6:35 pm - I'm at home talking with Mr. Adventure discussing what we should do. We decide to go to Kerby Lane Cafe, meeting between 7:15 and 7:30.

6:45 pm - I am still talking to him, realize that I need to leave or I'll be late. This is the norm for me.

7:03 pm - Oh yeah, I'm gonna be late. I am still in P-ville, buying cigarettes.

7:30-something pm - I arrive and he's waiting outside, already has us on the list. Very nice. We're both wearing Pea Coats! It's bitter cold.

Whatever five minutes later is - We have a table very close to other tables. The hostess looks like Jennifer.

9:00 pm - We are finished eating, and outside smoking - cold and shivering. He invites me over, and despite the sound of my mother's voice in my head screaming, "NO!" I said, "Okay, but I don't normally do this. I also don't ever let anyone see my car, or know where I work, but I've already broken those rules." I get into the car and call Lauren. Let her know where I'm going, what is name is and what his phone number is. I can't believe I'm doing this...

9:20 pm - We've made it to his apartment and I'm meeting his roommate's girlfriend, who is very inviting and talkative. We spend the next two hours chatting and smoking. I meet 'Cool' the neighborhood cat. Orange Tabbies are my favorite.

Almost midnight - "Want to watch a movie?" We watch Labyrinth and make fun of Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows, quoting and singing all the way. More people show up.

2:00 am - I need to go home! It's so late! Crap, I bet the roads are frozen.. He walks me to my car, though he's only only wearing socks and no jacket. He gives me a hug (like a gentleman) and says good bye. I go to leave, very pleased with the whole evening and my windshield is frozen! So I sit in my very cold car for a while, while it defrosts.

2:30 am - I haven't made it very far. The upper deck is closed and wrecks wreak havoc on 35. The drunks are out too. Yay.

3:00 am - Finally home. I send him a text message letting him know I made it, he sends one back, apologizing for springing friends on me, for fear it is too much like meeting parents. I tell him he doesn't have to wait three days to call.



Madge said...

All of these Mr. A's! Ice storms are so Ang Lee.

corley said...

This ice storm wasn't nearly as disturbing as Ang Lee's.