January 20, 2006

A Bad Beginning

This schedule writing stuff is BS; like a sudoku puzzle at 4 stars.

Damn high school kids and their inability to have a set schedule. Granted we have not been busy this past week, but who knows about next week? Of 12 people only 4 have absolute availability. Three of those people (and I am one of them) work lunch 5 days a week. If I put 4 of us into overtime because no one else can work I am going to get ripped to pieces. There is one girl who isn't working for three weeks, I have two who people can only work once a week. A couple who either can only work weekends, or will not work weekends, you'd think that it would even out, but it doesn't.

In the end I have to take Saturdays off because I am in overtime. Even though I told them that would be their day off and I would just live at the restaurant. And I don't get to work a single dinner shift where I would make a little extra cash.

No wonder I couldn't sleep. I must have had a premonition of "this pain which is my [schedule writing] existence."

And now Sara is texting me from the hospital to ask if I work today, and I have to tell her that I work all day. I am supposed to go to Dallas this weekend. All I really want to do is go and lay down with my little sister in a dark hospital room and whisper to her about what is happening in a movie that is too bright for her to watch, or whisper-read to her from a teen magazine while morphine makes her hallucinate, but doesn't make her hurt any less.

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