November 7, 2005

Stinking Hatred

I hate everything right now. I hate Dallas, I hate UTD, education in general. I hate sleeping, being awake and driving (I feel that the monotony is stuck somewhere between the two). You don't want me to blog, trust me.

On a similar note:
If you ever go to a restaurant that serves FREE bread please realize that it is free. That means that you do not get a say in what kind you get (if said restaurant serves an assortment) nor do you get a second plate. I don't care why you want a second plate, I don't care why you think you deserve that second plate or why you deserve a plate full of only one kind of bread. I am going to quit standing at the table long enough for you to finish sentences if you tell me to "bring more banana bread, I know you have some because that table just got it." ESPECIALLY if it is Sunday brunch and the other three tables in my section were all just sat and need to have their drink orders taken. Fuck You we do not have banana bread, and we actually ran out of the bread cut for today 2 hours ago so now we are waiting for loaves we were going to sell to come out of the oven. Thanks, I'll refill your coffee in a second. I hate you so much that you'll really get decaf.

When I was little I had a book called The Old Man and The Afternoon Cat. The old man was always really grumpy and he sang a song that I think went something like, "I hate flowers. I hate Spring. I hate almost everything." My mom used to sing it to me when she read that part and tonight I have been humming it.

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Madge said...

I never ask for bread.
I swear!