November 21, 2005


I got really drunk Saturday night. It was one of those "I'll just have a couple.." I stayed with my friend Kelly because we both had to work the next morning at 7 am. We went to bed after 4 am, I went to work a little drunk. I had a fight with Ex #1 at work in front of people.
I was trying to take time to think about it last night, but he couldn't wait and so I gave in and we talked and I broke up with him.

I am leaving Ex #1. I am moving back to Austin. I am breaking hearts.

I am in love with him, but I don't know if that is enough. He and I need to go on fixing ourselves before we try and fix a relationship.

Glenn Mitchell died this weekend. If you don't listen to KERA you have no idea what you missed. I cried when I heard.

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Anonymous said...

I so sad at sorry but at the same thime can't wait to see you again. Let me know if I can do anything!