September 24, 2005

Splurge your heart out - please!

I love the restaurant I work in. LOVE IT. I like the people I work with, most of those who eat there, I love the owners - I even like their kids. The only thing I don't like right now is how much working in restaurants IS NOT paying my bills. Funny how high gas prices make people who were once regulars, and comfortable paying $25 a plate, now see that price as a splurge and are coming in less. All of the people who once ate at the restaurant for their special occasions, because it was a splurge, are not splurging now. Even I have quit eating out, because it was to begin with, a splurge.

Last night I did sidework (bleaching coffee cups in scalding hot water) for 2 hours before I got a table. It was eight o'clock. This doesn't mean that we were totally empty, I also had a horrible section, but even when we changed our sections I was only behind 2 tables. It is really difficult for me to work such a physical job and make less than $10.00. That doesn't even count the fact that it costs me about $5.00 to get there and back home every shift.

I fear tonight will be the same. Gas prices and traffic trepidation will keep people indoors, and my pockets empty. Tomorrow's bruch will be spoiled by storms and my weekend worth of work will be hard to justify. I will weigh it against the paper I am writing, and the test I have first thing Monday morning. Will academic mediocrity be worth the $100 I make this weekend?

I am headed to Half Price with a few more books I managed to convince myself were expendable. A sociology text I loved my freshman year at UT, a couple of books I bought at my favorite book store before it closed but haven't read yet, so I don't know what I am missing, right? There are others, too. It's so weird how bad I feel about it, like giving away puppies that I watched mature and now can't take care of. Worst part is that it feels like such a sacrifice, but it will probably only bring me $5.00. It's enough to get me home, I guess.

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