September 27, 2005


Ex. #1 has gained 10 lbs! Incredibly, he has done it in two weeks (reminds me of myself). This is the most he has weighed the whole time I have known him - 128 lbs.


Anonymous said...

Yes!! It's so satisfying when they gain more weight faster than you do! After a while, attractiveness becomes a moot point and I find myself being happy about things like love handles because it makes me feel better about myself. How pathetic. Anyway.
-- E

Anonymous said...

Hold on. 128 pounds? I've never weighed so little, not in my adult life. And this is AFTER a gain?
-- E, reconsidering.

Emily said...

It's about damn time that boy put some meat on his bones.


corley said...

Yes, for the four and some years that Gabriel and I have been together he has weighed a consistant 118 lbs. Sick isn't it? This is SO satisfying.

Next thing you know he'll have a gut. I have got to get pictures of how skinny he really is for you all.