June 19, 2005

21st birthday blues

So my summer keeps on getting better. After $1,000 worth of repairs on my Volvo we decided it was time for a new vehicle. My dad bought me a truck here in Austin as a "you better f*ing graduate" gift and all I had to do Saturday morning was pick it up. Things went well and I cried as they drove away my old car that I had lavished hours on the night before, cleaning waxing and generally making beautiful.

On three hours of sleep I began the day with my mom and grandmother birthday clothes shopping, having lunch, etc. Afterwards I drove to my friend Ellie's house and we walked to Trudy's for a birthday drink. We had a couple of drinks and then walked back to her house about seven and I got some food and sat around. About 8:30 I left for home, and at nine, as I was exiting for Pflugerville I feel asleep behind the wheel of my brand new truck and totaled it when I hit someone in the turn lane next to me. I actually flipped their bigger truck. Everyone was fine, but there is nothing like a field sobriety test on your 21st birthday, which of course, I passed. I had left Ellie's house after I'd eaten and nearly two hours after my last drink. I am currently trying to get a hold of my father in Italy to break the bad news and Ex. #1 and his father are on the way to come and pick me up from Austin, so I am just waiting. I am thankful to be okay, but this summer really sucks.

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