February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

Mine was quite a disappointment. Not because of Ex. #1, he was awesome. I got a charm for my charm bracelet, which sounds dorky, but visit the link and let me justify myself; and we went to Whole Foods and got food for antipasto and some wine. Tonight we had a French wine that was so good and so affordable at a mere $14. We also bought a bottle of Conundrum which we both really like, but it is about twice as much as the first bottle. We will probably finish that tomorrow on his day off.

I was a loser today. It's mid-term and I am fucking up bad. I have missed one of my classes three times in a row; two because I simply slept in here at home. I have so much work to do tomorrow and Ex. #1 will be here and that'll make it so hard. He's also talking about joining me in my effort to quit smoking. God help us both - we just might kill each other! Wish us luck!

I have settled things as far as Faux Pas goes and he should be moving up here Feb 26th. I am so excited that I am starting to aggravate Ex. #1. The only thing left to do, albeit daunting, is to find a trailer, but I think I know the place.

All should resolve itself in a matter of days.

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