January 15, 2005

...And Then VISA Called.

Oh yes, I am ruining my credit, I am bouncing checks, you name it, I am using it to plot my financial destruction as we speak. I missed my last payment, a check I wrote bounced to the one person I didn't want it to. I learned of all of this while I was waiting to find out when I would be able to go and see Sara. It pushed me over the edge and since I was alone I cried as loud as I could and did my favorite self-pitying crying bed flop. Then I went to the bank and deposited my last hundred dollars to try and save my account.
I finally got to see Sara about 6pm. Earlier in the day she had been headache free thanks to morphine, but the second she stood up it returned as a 6. I thought that it might be the horrible movie she was watchig on CMT but I could be wrong. She's eating normal food, and she wants me to bring Napolean Dynamite and magazines tomorrow. She seems really lonely and wants to see her friends. She asked me questions about Dallas, and we talked about what we'll do when she comes to see me. As I left the night nurse was giving her morphine to hold her over for the night, and I vowed to see her tomorrow before I go home.
Originally I scheduled this trip to see Faux Pas, my thereputic horse. I haven't seen him yet, but maybe I'll catch him on my way out of town. I have yet another too-good-to-be-true situation turning out to be just that, so now I am back to searching for a way to keep him.

On a happier note, Samantha and I had a fantastic dinner tonight, and then had dessert at Quack's off of Duval. It was wonderful and it helped to get my mind off of things. I previously forgot to credit Samantha for Honey, No when I mentioned it. It is SO worth seeing and easy to submit to as well. Give it a try, you'll feel better!

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Anonymous said...

The thing that freaks me out about "Honey, No" is that I am one of the seven women in Austin most likely to be on it, for crimes such as: poorly fitting jeans, shirts that are too small, Docs, and the ever horrible hoodie-beneath-mechanic's-jacket because, yes, it is cold. Oh well. The thing is, I know I look like shit, but I don't have the money or the drive or the knowledge or anything else necessary to fix it. Shit.
I'm sorry about Sara. Vinh and I were out all day yesterday and I didn't get your call or your email until we got back. I hope everything is okay and I'll call you soon!
-- Ellie