December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

I spent the day trying to talk about living in Dallas and talk about my apartment with out actually mentioning the other person who lives there. Every one knows I live with him, I just don't feel right reminding my grandparents and ultra conservative family, it seems like it would cast a shadow over the whole day. However, it was so much hard work that I left exhausted.
The best part of my day was spent at Samantha's house, talking with her parents. It was like I got to take off my corset and breathe.
My sisters, cousins and I still sit at the "kid's table," even though most of us can vote, and all of us can drive. It's better because this way we can talk about which aunt/uncle dislikes which cousin, and get away with it. We refer to it as being "kicked off of the island." We agreed that I have been kicked off all but one island, because I have one Aunt who is - for no particular reason - very fond of me. When we weren't talking about who had fallen from grace I got picked on. I don't know why I am always the butt of all of the jokes, but I find myself helping them out. Saying something horrible about myself to get them started. They even made fun of me today for how I reacted to my food. Did you know that "Yum!" or "Mmmm!" is inappropriate?

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