December 4, 2004


Lauren and I went out last night and spent hours at Magnolia trying to get the host/busser who was incredibly cute to come to our table and take care of us. We were trying to do it subtly and not giggle. Once we failed we left a note (like high schoolers) that said "I <3 your busser" and then sat in the car waiting and watching for someone to clean off our table. Our waiter brought the busser over and he smiled (?) It was kind of hard to tell, we were driving away. It was such stupid girl fun. We went back to Lauren's house for margaritas and online shopping. We're thinking of doing it again next Friday, incase he's there. Dumb.
When I got home at 5am I went frantically rummaging through that drawer in my nightstand that I believe every girl has. Apparently I left some things out and my dad came in today to talk to me about god knows what and I realized that there was a book on the floor that I didn't want him to see. I tried to keep him talking but alas, I failed, and when I had turned to glance at my screen for one second I hear, "Sex Tips ?!?" Ugh! Reason #2 to move out. He was staring down at this book and I kept saying, "Please don't look at that!! Stop!" but he thought it was too funny. Two occasions in 12 hours to blush over.

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