November 24, 2004

Down-Stairs The American Idol Holiday Special Is On - Turned Up Too Loud - Thanks Dad!

Today has been backwards. I woke up in my work clothes, on the couch, took a shower and put on my PJs. I have been in front of my computer since 10 am, trying to write a paper, only three pages long, that I have not been able to finish. I can't figure out what is keeping me from finishing it. Perhaps it is all that the internet has to offer. I have shopped, caught up on friends blogs, done some research on chronic fatigue syndrome, checked my grades, written a blog entry, and reorganized/updated my favorites list - noticing that at some point along the way my "Health" folder disappeared. I have smoked 5 cigarettes today. That's two days in a row with a remarkably low number. I think I may make some progress.
This entry is simply another way to avoid writing the last page of my paper. It actually really stresses me out that I don't have this finished, it makes me nauseous. So I'll try and wrap it up, write more after I'm finished.

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