November 24, 2004

I am such a horrible student. I am supposed to be finishing up a paper that is already late, and instead I've been surfing. It's due by 3pm.
I am so very ready to leave Austin. I spent the weekend in Dallas unpacking and now I'm lonely for it. All I'm waiting on is Faux Pas. There is a new option for him, I just have to hear from the vet how his navicular is. If it is not too severe he will move to Leander to become a lesson horse. He had X-rays Monday. I wish that they would just call me back!
I can't think about this paper, all I can think about is packing and sleeping.
The apartment is WONDERFUL. Out side there are trees with changing leaves, there is a park with in walking distance with tons of birds, Millie and I played and rushed the birds. We have a gas fireplace and a large closet. It's so cool. Dec 11th will hopefully be my last night here. For all you Austinites : There will be some sort of celebration before I leave. And I'm sorry but I am so broke that this year you all get festive cards for Christmas. I know that you have all been here and can understand.
Guess I'll try and write something important about Shakespeare now.

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