September 4, 2012


It is September!

I am pining for the coming change in weather. Surely it will be just around the corner. Texas, are you listening?

Per the 10-day forecast, the rest of this week will be miserable:

I cannot wait for Saturday and Sunday, though! Rain on Saturday, so cool on Sunday! Sunday night I will be able to sit outside and revel in my favorite time of year!

I am not in school anymore, I do not have any children in school, but still, Autumn is an optimistic time for me. More so than the New Year, it feels like a new beginning. It must have something to do with the end of our tyrannical, deadly, Summer (and I say this at the end of a pretty mild year) and cooler temperatures feel like a good omen.  I look forward to all of the coming changes. Planting lettuces and greens, new employment, cooler weather, and continued improvement in my mental health. Quitting my job was such a good idea! Mr. A and I have both noticed a change in my mood, and it is so nice to have lost the anxiety that was following me around like a heavy cloak. Honestly, I feel better than I have in years. 

Since I have mental health headed the right direction, I need to start focusing in physical health. I'm thinking that roller-skating is the way to go for cardio. I will admit that I am a little self conscious about being a lone roller skater. Also, what is the appropriate attire or neighborhood roller skating? I will do some research and report back!

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