August 8, 2012

I quit my job. I don't have a back-up plan, but I am not worried. I feel good about my decision. I have the support of my husband.
I was so unhappy in my job that it was affecting my relationships with other people, with Lauren, with Mr. Adventure. I tried really hard to make it work for two years, but the way I interact with customers just didn't fit the workload I was given. I can only be yelled at and called terrible names by strangers for so long.
So I did something uncharacteristic and faced the very scary unpredictable future. I hate going to a new place by myself, so this is a huge deal for me.
I have leads on employment options. Friends have told me about openings at various places, I've had a part-time job the last month and I'm hoping it will go full time. Just wanted to get it out there.


Emily said...

I'm so proud of you! I think you made a great decision. That job was really bringing you down in a bad way.

Lauren said...

Sometimes all it takes is the first step. Then, you just ride that until something comes along. And it will, it always does.

Madge said...

yes! sounds like you made an excellent decision. you know when you know.