June 3, 2010

Dear Cafeteria Lady,
You have been making salad for me for over a year now. You are usually very good about listening to my needs, and I love you for that, really. After a long and peaceful relationship we have a problem. Sweetheart, you've stopped listening. Last week when I asked for one little ladle-full of dressing you gave me two. Today I said one, and held up my index finger to indicate that I really wanted just one. First it seemed things would go my way, but then you put down the little ladle, and used a rubber spatula to scrape the last of the dressing from the container it was in, and into my salad. I watched, now on the verge of tears, as the amount of dressing on my salad was doubled. My reason behind only wanting one little ladle full goes beyond calorie concern, though you are not helping (and you owe me a WW point), I simply do not like to have much dressing on my salad. Especially this dressing! It is a cilantro vinaigrette! Two potent flavors! They need to be enjoyed in moderation, and I cannot do that when my lettuce is swimming in green vinaigrette. You have one more chance next week; after that I'm moving on.


mp said...

I was going to say that maybe she was deaf..but the one finger thing, that stumped me.

Korey said...

Ask for dressing on the side, so that you can regulate the amount yourself.