January 14, 2010

So Mr. A and I were debating whether or not Ellen Page is a lesbian. I was finally about to just type "is Ellen Page gay," but when I got through "is" I was too astounded by the suggested searches to continue. "Is santa real" makes me sad. Enjoy the rest.


Lauren said...

My gaydar doesn't blip on her. But I haven't ever seen an interview or anything of the "real" her. Which of you thinks she's gay?

The Q said...

I hear rumors that she is, Mr. A said he'd heard she said they were false on some late night show. I couldn't find real proof of either one. According to the internets she and Drew Barrymore were pretty close in Spetember 2009.

Korey said...

I don't think she is. I hope she isn't anyway, as that would slightly complicate my dream of one day marrying her.

Then again, she is rich. Think she'd be willing to pay for the sex change?