January 11, 2010

Out of hand..

So I gained some weight during the holidays, about eight pounds. I am getting back on track now, but I am having to reprogram my brain AGAIN. Yesterday, though I thought I'd done fairly well, I used 51.5 points. My daily limit is 23, so I used up most of my weekly points. The rest of the week looks dismal. Now that I know what last night's dinner looks like points-wise, I'm not feeling the need to go home to get the lunch I forgot. I might be better off getting something to eat in the cafeteria at work. Also, I really need to save my lunch time so that I can work out! I need to gain some activity points so that I don't go over for the week.
What KILLS me is alcohol. I had two margaritas yesterday, and a beer for a total of 14 points. F O U R T E E N ! There is more alcohol sitting in our house too. I have a hard time not having a beer after work when it is just sitting there. I have an urge to just give all of the leftover Lonestar to the next bum I see. I have started weekly meal planning, and now I realize I need to pay more attention to points value when I put it together - especially if I am going to have to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. I can't wait until Summer is here and all of the low-points value foods are back in season and it's too hot to cook in the house.

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