November 20, 2009


Emma did not do so well Wednesday night at my dad's house. She cried all night, and refused to lay down. He gave her more pain medicine; he gave her more Benedryl, hoping she'd sleep. Nothing worked. At 6:30 I got a text message to call him as soon as I woke up. I called right away. Dad let me know that there would be no way he could watch her and participate in his conference calls if she was going to continue to cry, and that seemed to be the trend. I took a shower and hit the road.
When I walked through the door she started to cry louder. It seemed like her biggest pains were from missing her Momma. Once I got there she laid down and dozed, only crying occasionally. I took her home about noon, and once we were settled in, she slept soundly and didn't make a peep. She just really wanted to be in her home with her mom where she felt comfortable.
After sleeping all day yesterday, last night became a bit of a challenge. First, she had to wear "The Cone of Shame" (Seen UP? It's an E-collar) so that she didn't go after the incision while I slept. She was also getting stiff from laying down all day, so she kept getting up and walking around. Once she's up, getting her back down is difficult, because she forgets that her right side is sensitive, and it is the side she normally lays on.
We'll see how she does alone today. I couldn't take another unscheduled day off of work, and we can't afford for Casey to take off of work, either. She has the cone, she's had her pills n' peanut butter, and breakfast. Hopefully she'll sleep for most of the day.
I also want to brag that I have an awesome boss. I thought that I was going to have to give up some of my time off next week after yesterday's unplanned absence, but thanks to her I don't have to. Yippee! I have 5 days off next week. I don't know what I'll do with myself.

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