November 21, 2009


I bought new boots to wear when riding, but now that I have them, I kind of want to wear them with a sweater dress and tights. Normally, I can't wear tall ladies' boots because I have large calves, but lucky me, equestrienne boots come in a variety of calf widths. I put them on last night and I absolutely love them. The best part? They were super affordable and they are water proof. Actually, they are made of rubber, which is why I originally got them. We're having a wet winter, and I want to be able to wear breeches, even when it's muddy, and I don't want to ruin my boots. I don't know how they will hold up to the coarse things I come into contact with, like sand and saddle, but I hope they hold up well enough to wear out at least once. If anyone would like a pair of black waterproof boots to wear on a wet winter day, check them out. Double check your calf width! You want to be sure they'll fit.

Here is the article that inspired me to wear them: The Classic : Riding Boots

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