November 17, 2009

Things I hate (in no particular order), followed by some things I LOVE

1) People who drive 5 miles under the speed limit in the left lane even though there are no cars in front of them.

2) People who ride their brakes, or people who step on them the second they see a red light anywhere in their periphery. Sometimes these are the same person.

3) Everyone who was ahead of me on my way to work today - especially the woman who drove 5 miles under the limit while riding her brakes in front of me. She made sure to stay neck-n-neck with the person in the right lane so that I couldn't even pass her illegally.

4) Repaving the work parking lot, starting with where I park.

5) Having to wake up.

6) My current hair style/color / lack of.

7 )Having my best friend across the world. Life would be 1 million times more suck-y if Skype didn't exist, but it still sucks.

8) Forgetting my headphones.


1) Casey. (This is actually #1. ) I think I'll be able to handle anything as long as he's around.

2) Emma. She's such a good sport, and she loves us and wants to keep us safe. Last night it was fun to watch her eat because she was SO EXCITED about chicken and rice. I guess I'm not that bad of an owner after all.

3) Faux Pas, he's a lazy grump but he loves me.

4) The fact that work is already trying to get people to go home and it's only 10 am. There is nothing better than a green alert (go home early) to start your "weekend."

5) My grandparents. Tomorrow after I drop off Emma at the vet my Grandpa and I are going to the farmers market. Just like we did every Saturday when I was a kid.

6) Cooler temperatures.

7) Soup.

8) Meetings and training at work so that I get a break from the phones.

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Corley said...

I need to change "forgetting headphones" to "finding headphones after driving all of the way to work without any music." Just found them.