November 18, 2009


Is an organic farm in East Austin.

Today I finally made it out to Boggy Creek Farm's market day and it was SO EXCITING. They have a fairly small stand, but all of the produce is beautiful. There is much more variety than one would expect from a farm in an urban area. Check out the website and just read the home page. It will give you an idea of how awesome it is. I got three small eggplant, two sweet potatoes, dandelion greens, kale, and a meyer lemon. I did not know that they also have eggs and dairy. Next Wednesday, perhaps. I hope I can afford to shop there often, it is the kind of place I want to support.

I went with my Grandfather as a sort of throwback to my childhood. When I was a kid he'd pick me and my cousin up on Saturday mornings and take us to the bank, the car wash, the doughnut shop and the farmer's market. This time we went to IHOP instead of the doughnut shop. It was very fun, and such a cool place. I can't believe it took me so long to get there!

I am about to go and pick up Emma from the vet. Hopefully I only hear good things when I get there.

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