November 6, 2009

Smoke-free establishment.

I am nine days away from being a non-smoker for 2 months. It is so weird, because I still feel like a smoker. Only, now, I have super-human smelling senses, and I can tell when someone down the street is smoking. My eyes dash around frantically trying to figure out who near me is smoking until I realize that it is actually quite far off. I don't have to clear my throat as often, and drinking isn't quite as relaxing as it used to be when it was accompanied by a cigarette.
I still dream about smoking. Most dreams include Lauren and Michael Paul. We'll be on the front porch (hers or mine) and I'll be smoking. About half-way through my cigarette I'll remember I don't smoke anymore, like when I was a kid and gave up candy for lent, and then remembered mid-tootsie roll pop. I get the same sick feeling in my stomach about it, too. I did have one dream where I realized I'd been running for a long time. I turned to the person next to me and informed them that I was only able to accomplish it because I had quit smoking. In real life, I have not started running yet.
The best part, really? Last month, instead of my checking account hitting zero at the end of the month, I had $165.00 left over. Which I promptly put into savings.


Em said...

Holy crap that is a lot of money to spend on cigarettes! You should buy yourself something REALLY awesome after 6 months.

Lauren said...

You and Casey should go on vacation after you save enough money.

Sam said...

Congrats Corley! Although I can't imagine a Corley that is smoke-free I sure am glad for your health and your bank account.