November 5, 2009

People are strange

At the Halloween party a girl came up to me.
"I know you from some place," she said. I looked at her and she didn't even look familiar. I listed off places I had waited tables, the larger classes I'd taken and the bus route I used at UT.
"No. It was something more personal," she insisted - staring at me. I listed off siblings.
"No - wait! Chris? I lived with you." ... ...
"Jennifer? Hey, hi! Crazy seeing you here, how do you know Casey and Tyler?"

And so this is how I probably hurt her feelings. We lived together for a couple of months before she and my brother broke up. To my defence, that was 2003, and it was Halloween when I saw her. Um, we'll blame it on costumes?
It was awkward, though. It seems I run into my brother's exes way more than my own. I worked with one, at this party, he dated my friend Kristy. Come to think of it, I can't remember running into one of my own exes. Huh.
Then, Jennifer abruptly disappeared. Spooky.

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