September 15, 2009

How is this a good idea?

I stopped smoking on the second day of my period. This is such an explosive situation, and such a bad idea. So far, nicotine gum is keeping me from wanting to murder people, but I am still pretty irritable. We have a party coming up this weekend and it'll be interesting to see how we do when alcohol is in the mix and we're with our smoker friends.
It feels bad to say, but I think Casey has better chances of succeeding. He hasn't smoked as long, and this whole thing seems so accomplished already with him. He doesn't want to use gum, he "just wants to be done with it." He is also fidegety and bouncing off of the walls, which does not mix so well with irritable old me.
We'll make it, and eventually it won't seem so bad. I just wish it would hurry up. I hate this feeling.

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